School Boards

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••Back to School/End of School Boards••


+Reusable Dry Erase "Chalkboards" are perfect for your child's important school milestones!

+Easy for kids to hold and will last for many years to come.

+First Day AND Last Day Available


- 9."x12.5" (same as our alphabet boards)

- Works with liquid chalk marker for non-porous surfaces.

- Glossy Finish

•Care Instructions:

- Wipe before and after each use with microfiber cloth or non-abrasive material cloth. Do NOT use any cleaning agents to wipe off the board. We recommend wiping clean immediately after use to keep the finish long lasting.

•Chalk Marker Tips:

Many brands require you to "prime" the marker before use to get the ink flowing. Some you pump the tip facing up and then pump tip down several times on surface to get ink flowing. Some you can just pump the tip down to get ink flowing. Please follow the markers instructions for best results. If your markers seem to be bubbling up as you are writing, give the board a wipe down and dry with a micro-fiber cloth to help the ink adhere to the boards. If they are still not working, they are not the correct type of marker, or they were not primed correctly.