Seecaas Hope For Adoption Foundation

The Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation was founded by the current owners of a children’s company called Smocked Polkadot.  The purpose of the foundation is to assist and support the financial barrier by providing grants to people who choose to grow their families through the adoption process.   Seecaas will be committed by helping to raise funding for families to support the adoption process  since the cost is often the roadblock for some families because adoption can cost approximately $40,000  A proceed from every item sold at Smocked Polkadot will go into the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation.   Seecaas will also donate proceeds from every sale into the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation once it launches.  

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How to Apply

The Seecaa’s Hope for  Adoption Foundation’s financial grant program strives to help families/individuals with the cost of their adoption by awarding grants in varying amounts.  All applicants are welcome to apply, but due to limited funding, we cannot award grants to every qualified applicant.  Any questions related to the Seecaas Hope For Adoption Foundation need to be sent to

In order to apply for a grant, you must:

  • Have a valid home study from a licensed and accredited adoption agency.
  • Must be a U.S citizen.
  • Applications must be submitted prior to the placement of a child in your home.

Our first grant recipient will be announced in November of 2019.

Applications need to be postmarked by October 1stto be considered by our board to receive the grant. If you have any questions, please email us at: